"whuh whuh whuh whuh whuh whuh whuh whuh whuh"
- Arin J Hanson, 2014

I did an egg thing
they’re not as good as I hoped but whatevs

hey! does anyone know what shoe size danny wears?? i wanna send that kid some new shoes 

felicianosgloriousdick: imagine you and danny getting married and when you guys finally kiss, danny lifts you up in his arms and kisses you for a long time. they have to separate you guys to get you two to stop kissing.

omfg!! thats so cute wow!!!!!!!

felicianosgloriousdick: imagine having a nice picnic with danny until it suddenly starts to rain so you two run to get shelter under a tree. the two of you are completely soaked and panting from the sprint to the tree. danny laughs and then passionately kisses you on the lips, putting both of his hands on your cheeks as he does so

oh!!!!! my god!!!

im hiding my face rn im blushing SO MUCH

felicianosgloriousdick: imagine sitting in your room on your laptop/computer and hearing a noise come from outside. you go to look and you see danny throwing small pebbles at your window. when he sees you open the window he winks and says "hey babe, want to go out with me?"

i think i would scream tbh!!!

that is such a cute way to do it tho omg!! u//////u


fav haunter illustration, by sumiyoshi kizuki